Sugar Boats

Hi I'm Connor. I listen to depressing music for lonely people
Modest Mouse

—Election Day



Today’s track is B17 - Election Day

bought an Everything Is Fine shirt awwww yeah

Modest Mouse

—Sugar In My Coffeeo


So here we go with the rarities again.

I recently got a digital copy of the recently discovered tape Sad Sappy Sucker (Don’t ask where I got it! But read on though). This has a completely different tracklist then the version released in 2001. Most of the tape has never-been-heard-before tracks.

So, for the next week I will release 7 tracks, and on the final day, I will release the entirety of the tape (excluding tracks that were actually on the 2001 release, sorry, don’t want to get in trouble!)

So, today is a song called Sugar In My Coffeeo, track A1, which sounds nothing like an actual Modest Mouse Song.

Antoinette gave me a love note today because it’s our 2 month anniversary and i’m eeeeeeeee!